Remember Employee Birthdays with Flowers

Marketing for Your Floral Shop

From time immemorial, we have been made to believe that the best way to motivate employees is through pay hikes. While there is some truth to this, the debate is open on whether it actually brings long-lasting motivation is open, as many employees tend to think this is merely their just desert as opposed to seeing it as an act of good faith on the part of the employer.

However, when it comes to making long-lasting bonds, nothing does it better than using flowers to celebrate their birthdays and in this article, we shall discuss some of the reasons behind the timelessness of this.

Flowers Leave A Lasting Impression

It is very easy to forget other forms of gifts and not a flower because flowers have this timelessness in them. Being one of the most revered forms of gift items, you can be sure the employee will always remember this auspicious day and be grateful to you. This, of course, will translate into working harder and contributing more to the betterment of the company, ultimately impacting favorably on the company’s productivity.

The Sentimental Value Is Great

It is common knowledge that the employees render their services with wages in return so as a result of this, they may not readily appreciate it when their birthdays are remarked with material things. However, flowers, by virtue of having sentimental value as opposed to material value, make the employee feel much more valued. Simply put, it is a clear sign that the employer gave some thought before choosing this item as their present, which also goes a long way in enhancing productivity and respect.

Flowers Have Just More Than One Connotation

The gifting of a flower to an employee has more than just one connotation. Of course, the ordinary meaning is that of appreciation for the employee’s birthday but there could be a deeper meaning to it. Assume for the rest of the year [up until the employee’s birthday], they have not been seeing eye to eye with their boss. It is on this grand occasion that the bosses may deem it fit to mend the relationsip by presenting them a flower as sign of truce.

Fostering A Sense of Belonging

There are those employees that are very hardworking, honest and strive to foster respect and fidelity with their bosses and the rest of the staff. However, they lack one thing known as the spirit of mutual agency. This means they may not advocate or canvas for positions on behalf of the company because they believe their role in the company is only limited to their job description. It is such employees that should be presented with a flower on their birthday to remind them of the sense of belonging.

One way to carefully do this is to ensure the flower resembles the company’s emblem. If the company uses an eagle as their emblem, the flower should also be designed in that shape. Talk of killing two birds with one stone.